What is CyberSOC Academy?

We are a global centre for Cybersecurity training and awareness. Our training offer is highly specialised and focused on the areas of knowledge required to develop Cybersecurity tasks, such as those performed by our experts and professionals at CyberSOC-CERT.

Our team is made up of security, intelligence, and cyber-fraud analysts, professional hackers, code developers and analysts. All of these are at the forefront of our clients, as well as the Firm’s systems and communications.

Customized training
for each student

Learning by doing

Training for technical
and non-specialists

Who our courses are made for

Our courses have been specially created for managers, non-technical area managers, technical area managers, administrative staff and students.

How our courses are provided

The CyberSOC Academy service offer is established within the university and business centres training, as well as training in public bodies and private companies.