Ramon Llull University

The on-site MCs in Cybersecurity by Deloitte and la Salle is aimed at training information and communication technology experts to be able to perform security audits, analyse events and the security information gathered, apply reverse engineering and cyber intelligence, as well as conducting accurate forensic analysis.

Ilumno Network

This agreement includes Ethical Hacking and Social Analytics certifications, as well as a Cybersecurity Awareness course, aimed at providing knowledge regarding Cybersecurity to Latin America countries. CyberSOC professionals work as teachers of the online classes of different subjects in order to provide the knowledge of a technician that deals with the taught topics every day.

Catholic University of Ávila

Both the Master’s degree in Cybersecurity and the Technical Diploma of Cybersecurity Expert, with their virtual classrooms, provide a technical and practical program with a learning plan focused on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Intelligence, Forensic Analysis, Secure Development, SIEM Technologies and Computer Criminality.

Camilo José Cela University

The online Cybersecurity Master provides the possibility of studying a Master not only adapted to you work hours, but also to your daily life. It is made for anyone who would like to specialise in Cybersecurity.


The on-site Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity (MSC), aims to train the future professionals within the Cybersecurity context. These studies have been developed from a technical and practical point of view, including syllabuses that cover the most important areas of Cybersecurity. Furthermore, this Master’s by Deloitte, in collaboration with the International School of Management (Escuela Internacional de Gerencia) in Granada, Spain, provides students a great opportunity to access the professional work.


In light of the new risks that threaten the harmonious development of the modern digital community, alongside the constant demand for trained cybersecurity professionals that will doubtlessly keep increasing, Deloitte has created the new Cyber Security Specialisation Diploma, in collaboration with the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. This postgraduate qualification will equip students with skills and knowledge that they will need to face the challenges and threats that they will come across in the cyber space. They will also learn how to carry out ICT related security tasks correctly, both in terms of technical aspects and decision making.